Weekly Article - 7/7/17

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            Even in modern times, God still sends bits and pieces to the world, proving His Word is true. In 1975, some small clay seals, known as bullae in ancient Israel, were discovered in an Arab antique shop in east Jerusalem.    One clay bulla was found to have the seal of Baruch, the scribe of Jeremiah (Jer 36:1-2) and another had the seal of Jerahmeel, called the son of the king (Jer 36:26).  According to the news release, experts thought the full name of Baruch was Berakhyahu, meaning “blessed of Yahweh.”  The name Jerahmeel was spelled with a “y” instead of a “j.”  Jeremiah prophesied before the fall of Judah.  Now, decades later, some authorities suggest that the Baruch bulla is a forgery. Even though this particular bulla may not be authentic, there is (and will continue to be) plenty of other archaeological evidence of Biblical history.


            Our musical quartet helped us celebrate our nation’s birthday with a medley of patriotic songs. Thanks so much to Rosanna Cross, Georgia Randall, Bob Fenwick, and Ken Jones for sharing their beautiful voices with the congregation.  Music sometimes touches the soul when words alone do not. Once again, plans are being made for a trip to a baseball game in Springfield on August 4th.


           Bro. Tim reminded all of us how our founding fathers had looked to the Bible and God for leadership in governing this great nation.  The morning message, “Looking to God,” with scripture from Judges, chapter 13, told more of the story of Samson.  Although Samson was to be used of God in delivering Israel from the grip of the Philistines, Samson did many wicked things, including becoming involved with a Philistine woman (Judges 13:1-2).  God remained with Samson even when Samson turned from God.  We enjoy so many liberties and freedoms in this nation.  We need to understand where our freedom comes from.


            The Bible challenge question:  Who was the Levite that led a revolution against Moses? (Numbers 16:1-3)


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