Weekly Article - 7/21/17

Golden Valley Christian Church



Few people have actually heard of Bethel, Missouri.  Bethel is a very small village located in Shelby County, in northeastern Missouri.  It is on the National Register of Historic Places.  Bethel was established by a man named William Keil who immigrated to the United States from Germany.  It was established as a true communist community and religious sect in 1844.  Property was jointly owned and all finances placed in the colony treasury.  In 1855, Keil and some of his followers went farther west and established another colony at Aurora, Oregon.  After his death, the communes disbanded, and the wealth was distributed.  The Bible is also full of small, not well-known villages that are known for a significant event, such as Nain (Luke 7:11-16) and Azotus (Acts 8:40).


Last Sunday was great day at Golden Valley Christian Church.  The monthly carry-in meal was enjoyed by many.  There was lots of good food and fellowship.  We were saddened at the loss of Charles Melling, who had just celebrated his 102nd birthday.  GVCC sends condolences to the Melling family.


Bob Fenwick brought an inspirational morning message while Bro. Tim was on vacation.  Bro. Bob started his sermon by singing a beautiful, uplifting song, “I Won’t Have to Worry Anymore.”  Using scripture from Matthew 5 (Sermon on the Mount), he discussed our relationship with God and how knowing Jesus is the only way to have peace and happiness.  Each of us has a destiny that is in God’s hands.  John 14:15 tells us how God will know we love Him. 


The Bible challenge question:  What role did Sheba son of Bichri play in King David’s life? (II Sam 20:1-2) 


Golden Valley Christian Church meets at 611 South Third Street in Clinton.  Sunday Bible classes begin at 9:30 AM; morning worship is at 10:30.  Our minister is Tim Randall (office phone #660-890-0252), and our website is www.goldenvalleycc.org.  We are happy to invite you to attend our services, where you will always receive a warm welcome.

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