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According to Dr. Merrill Jensen, one-time Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin, the signing of the Declaration of Independence was not done on July 4th, but on August 2nd. The fourth of July was a mistake made in the first printed version of the journals of the Congress. The act Congress made on the 4th was to order the declaration printed, so the members could have a copy. Whether this statement is accurate or not, our nation celebrates the birth of our nation on July 4th. We should all honor those brave men that stood up to a tyrannical king.

Last Sunday we all had a chance to see some of the previous weekend's Vacation Bible School activities through a PowerPoint presentation. Thanks go to all of the helpers that made it such a great event. Celebrating our 4th of July holiday, Mary Tuggle read an article entitled "Freedom is not Free," detailing what happened, sadly, to many of the signers of our Declaration of Independence.

Bro. Tim's message continued in the topic of our Independence Day celebration, noting how many times our founding fathers referred to God in this document. The majority of our founding fathers were religious men, placing all they had in the quest for freedom under God's providence. This nation was founded on Christian principles by the first wave of immigrants. Have we drifted from our roots and the foundation that this great nation was built upon? Many people do not know these words are engraved on the very top capstone of the Washington monument: "LAUS DEO" (Praise be to God).

The Bible challenge question is: "What did John tell the newly baptized tax collectors to do?'" (Luke 3:12-13)

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Thought for the week: "Honesty means never having to look over your shoulder." --Copied