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Weekly Article - 05/20/12

Golden Valley Christian Church


            Last Sunday was a busy, happy day for the Golden Valley Christian Church.  It took many hands to make this special day such a success.  We know God loves beauty, and our committees did an outstanding job in beautifying the building.  During our morning worship service, Georgia Randall brought our musical special, singing a peppy song, "Jesus, I Believe What You Say."  Bro. Tim's message was entitled "Living Sacrifices--The Church."  The scripture came from Romans 12:9-16.  These verses tell us in detail what God wants us to do as Christians.  If every Christian would memorize these eight verses and put them in practice, it would make a tremendous difference in our relationship with one another and would benefit the entire world.  After our morning worship, the congregation enjoyed a wonderful carry-in meal.  The tables were beautifully decorated; the food and fellowship were excellent.


            This was also the day we dedicated our church building to the Lord's service.  We were delighted to have many guests attend this special afternoon service.  Our building was purchased from the "Save Our World Ministries," and their minister, Don Brown, was one of our guest speakers.  Bro. Brown made acknowledgement of how different the interior of the building looks.  The second guest speaker was Breandan McTighe, former minister of GVCC.  A choral ensemble from our church brought a special musical number, "The Lighthouse."  There were a number of acknowledgements to the many people and organizations that have helped us in our journey as a church.  After the dedication service was over, refreshments were served to all of our guests.  We give all the glory and praise to our awesome God who has led and directed us every step of the way.


            The Bible challenge question is:  "Who was the lady that poured perfume on the Lord's feet?" (John 11:2)


            The Golden Valley Christian Church meets at 611 South Third Street.  Bible classes begin at 9:30 AM, and morning worship is at 10:30 AM.  Our 6 PM evening service will again be cancelled this Sunday night.  Our full-time minister is Bro. Tim Randall (office phone # 660-890-0252), and our website is goldenvalleycc.org.  We are happy to invite you to attend our services, where you will always receive a warm welcome.


            Thought for the week:  "Learn to disagree without being disagreeable."  -- Copied